Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yosemite Family Vacation

Every summer, my parents rent a cabin for a week for some good ol' fashion family vacation fun! The past few years we have headed up to Yosemite for some hiking, biking, napping, card playing, swimming, and laughing! Like always, it was a blast!!

Daddy Bubba sporting the Baby Bjorn!  

The little one taking a snooze in the middle of our hike!


Papa, Auntie Danika, and Emery hanging out for the day at the water hole.

This year we started a new family tradition, An Annual Cookie Contest. The wives all made a new cookie recipe and brought it up to the cabin for the husbands (plus Owen) to be blindfolded for a taste test. The winner was my sister, Danika (big surprise!) but it was a ton of fun! Plus we had cookies all week to eat!

And a picture of the hard working cookies makers (not in photo, but also a hard working cookie maker, my mom: Debs!)

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