Saturday, September 18, 2010


We have had a special week this past week with my little nephews... one of them turned 1 month, one turned 1 year, and one turned 2.... and Owen, well Owen started Kindergarten- a big week huh?? Here's a sneak peek at the little men who still my heart with their big eyes, contagious laughter, and squishy cheeks... I love you ALL!

Baby Wyatt... the littlest of them all...
This little guy steals my heart each time I get a new picture of him (thanks Lisa for always sharing them with us!). All I have to do is look at those big bright eyes, those chunky lil' cheeks, and take a peak at that rockin' hair and my mouth automatically curls up! He makes me smile with just the littlest glimpse! We love you Wyatt, congrats on the 1st month of life, we can't wait to see you grow up!

Next is Jude.... oh, this boy, he is our Awesome Long-Awaited Blessing!
This little MAN (cuz he really is the size of a man already!) is such a tangible and real answer to prayer for me. I cannot believe how much being part of his life has changed mine. He has shown me God in new ways, I have seen pure JOY and CONTENTMENT in this little person like none I have ever seen before, he has brought hope and love to our family in ways I never knew exsisted. The Lord knew he was meant for our family, he saved him just for us, and I couldn't be more thankful for that, Joshua Jude you are our GIFT and reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness ALWAYS.

Mr. Owen Samuel, O-Sam, O-Pie, Owie Bowie.... I could go on and on...
This guy started Kindergarten recently in his K-1 combo and is rockin' the school idea... he told his mom on Saturday that he was bummed they canceled school! He is our laughter, our silly man, and has more imagination that the rest of us put together. He is bright, witty, creative, and totally confident in who Jesus has made him at a very young age- and I envy that about him! His ability to befriend anyone he meets is a true gift, one we "big people" should try to be more like- we can learn a lot from these "little people". I love you Owen, I will never forget the miracle we got to experience when you defied all odds and were brought into this world when everyone else said it was impossible- YOU Mr. Owen will accomplish great things!

And Griffin, who turned 2.... my little Griffie, G-riff... you're not so little anymore!
What fun it was to celebrate you the other night- your smile could light up a room, along with those gorgeous green eyes. I love our play times together, especially swimming with you. Life is more exciting through your eyes, the little things that us adults let slip by, you notice without fail, and I love that about you. Thanks for brightening my day when I see you, for the squeezes and hugs- I love being your auntie!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing the NEW "Miss Potato Head"

The New "Miss Potato Head" .... she wanted to sit on the table with her "buddies" and get her picture taken.... oh, I LOVE THIS AGE!

and a pic of her friends, taken by herself!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding in San Diego...

So a few weekends ago, we got to take a quick jaunt down to San Diego to see one of my favorite people, Miss Monica Hite, get hitched to an awesome and darling guy, Mr. Elliot Coupe. It was an awesome wedding to witness because it had so much of what the couple valued- their love for God, their love for one another, and all of their favorite things! It wasn't over the top, but it was so specific to them- I could have guessed whose wedding it was even if their names weren't printed on the invites! I loved it!!! Here are a few snip-its from the fabulous weekend!
The Darling Bride & Groom
The adorable and fun decorations- I loved them!
The rehearsal with fun college friends!
My wonderful friends from Cal Poly, Monica & Kara, and all of our honey bunnies!
Fun friends and old roommates, together again!
The fellas... we even got to see our good buddy Josh again- a delight!
My good buddies, you'll always have a special place in my heart girlies!
Congrats again Monica & Elliot- we are SOOOO excited for you!