Tuesday, June 8, 2010


And that's all I have to say about that.

Today's the BIG day...

So, let me back up a smidge- I had this wonderful weekend this past weekend, celebrating one of the most special people to my heart- Miss Monica- who's about to get hitched to a total hunk and so we all were celebrating with her in her excitement! It was a great time to reconnect with some sweet faces from college (see below!). I really had the most wonderful time, it was SO fun and refreshing!

That leads me to point # 2.... some of those girls (not to name names- huh hum) were a little "disappointed" in me for not posting that I was pregnant! So here it is, the official post that I am pregnant, due in Nov.

Here's point #3 which leads me to "Today's the BIG Day".... I find out today whether we have a boy or a girl in there... and to be honest.... I really, really, REALLY want another girl, but think I might be having a boy... aiy yai yai..... we shall see at 4:00!