Friday, January 28, 2011

Overdue Update....

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words... so I hope these speak for themselves! Short on time, but wanted to get some pictures up here to share with friends and family! Here we go, not in any particular order...

Love this little man, he steals my heart :)
He's already 2 months!
All 5 cousins together!!! Blurry, but it's the memories that count!
Owen, Jude, Emery, Jed, and Wyatt
This guy smiling at me- what a flirt!
Jedder... we love you!
Celebrated my wonderful sister, Happy Birthday Best Friend!
We also celebrated her husband, but he escaped without a picture!
January is birthday month for my family

Celebrated this Awesome Guy- just turned 6! Owen, you're the best!!!
AND celebrated my WONDERFUL (Super) Mom, she's amazing!
Took my nephew, Jed, and Emery to feed the ducks...
and Jude fed himself :)
This guy earned the new nickname "Dennis" as in "Dennis the Menace"... this picture should explain why! What a sneaker!
And the neighbor dropped off some stuff her kids have outgrown... Em's favorite:
Her new "Click-Clack" princess shoes! HA!
That's it for now! More soon I hope!