Friday, October 31, 2008

Something good to eat!

Hey y'all... I had this wild idea to start a second blog in honor of my sweet friend Annah who I am always calling telling her "YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS NEW RECIPE!!!" She always giggles, and then I get about 5 phone calls a little while later, just "checking" to see if she's doing it right! So, instead of copying all my recipes to send to various people who I think might enjoy the meal, I thought it would be easierfor me to just put them on a blog for all to enjoy! My goal is yummy, nutritious, EASY, meals without a million ingredients or tools needed! Try them out, give 'em a whirl, your input is always welcomed! Continue to check in over time, I will always be updating with new recipes! Here's the link, hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dirty Girl and Darling Boys...

Today I took Emery outside with me as I pruned my huge-a-mungus hydranga that is overgrowing the sidewalk. She was kickin' it on her beach towel when I turned around and saw her with a handful of dirt and a twig hangin' from her lip... when I told her no, she gave me this sassy stink eye.... see pic below...
This past weekend, we went with my family to Bass Lake to get away for the weekend. It was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Emery had her favorite live entertainment with her, her cousin Owen, they had a blast sharing the jogger together :)
And the other day, we had a wonderful visit from our newest little friend, my nephew Griffin who is just now 6 weeks old. He's filling out, chunking up, and coming to life! Emery  couldn't get enough of him either, she wanted to be right next to him checking him out the whole time!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gone Bananas!!

                                                              She's into Monkey Business...
                                                             Just Monkey-ing Around...
                                                            Monkey See- Monkey Do!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tehachapi Apple Ranch

So my little accountability group headed off to Tehachapi for a little adventure, we went a pickin'... apples that is. We had a blast- had some great talk, yummy muffins and warm coffee, and of course we scored some delicious, fresh-off-the tree apples! Man, these two girls, Annah & Allison,  bless my socks off! I really enjoy their honesty and how they share their lives with me... and- the fact that they love my little girl. They are sweet to my heart!

P.S. I found this picture and it made me laugh, it's just a picture of one of my mom's wild ideas from the last time I saw her. She thought it would be fun to teach Em how to ride a bike, even though she can't even crawl- you know Grammie's- they are full of wild ideas! Thanks for making me laugh mom! :)

Name Necklaces

So, I have had a few peeps tell me that they like my little necklace that I have that has Emery's name on it... and again, my cute baby boutique friend sells them and gave me mine when Em was born. So I thought I would put a link on my blog so that I can send people in the right direction when they are searching for one. I just got another compliment on it today from my neighbor and I thought, man, I gotta get the word out there. So here's a link if your interested.... personalized necklace.  She also has some other options too, check those out as well. Cute, cute!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch with my pumpkin...

My sweet little pumpkin and I at the Pumpkin Patch... oh my gosh, she's so much fun! And so much fun to dress up! *** Side note: A good friend of mine, Michelle Garcia, owns a baby boutique in Pleasanton called the Storks Nest, and she is always adorning my child in these darling baby get-ups! Check out her store online to find some darling munchkin goodies!
Mr. Owen Samuel picking out his very own pumpkin to carve!
Grammie Debs and Emer-doo taking in the scene....
Ahh, Owen and Auntie riding the "cow-train" through the rows of corn and inside the tunnel of hay... this pumpkin patch had it all!
My beautiful sister and sassy daughter...
Emmie and Bubs pickin' out a pump!
A super cool sand box filled with corn- watch out, you sink!!!
And the sweet ride home when cousin Owen tells "baby Em" a bedtime story about little kids who visit pumpkin patches. He tells her stories because it makes her "sleep better". Too sweet :)

Auntie Danika...

Do I have the best auntie or what? She makes me giggle, laugh, and drool like nobody else. I love you Auntie Danika and I miss you TONS!!!

P.S. Thanks for making my mom this blog! :)

What do you think... people say we look alike? Do you agree???

Partlow Wedding....

My friend from high school, who was also my roommate in the dorms at Cal Poly, got married this weekend! We were glad to be there to celebrate the beautiful couple, Erin (Cavin) and Blair!

My sweet friend Michelle Garcia lovin' on Emery. (She is the one who owns Storks Nest boutique!) She just had her 3rd little muchkin, Sutton Loren, we got to meet him too! 

A quick family photo!

Happy 35th Anniversary!

We surprised my parents on their 35th wedding anniversary with a backyard bash with their friends and family. They were shocked to say the least- we pulled it off!!!
We attempted to replicate their wedding cake for the bash, but let's just say it was a little "too unique" so we used their wedding colors and came up with this darling little number.
How beautiful is my sister's backyard, it was a fabulous place to have this party, we rented tables, chairs, and umbrellas, and cooked up some delicious food to celebrate!
Here's the party throwers, my sister and brother, Danika and Scott- man I am blessed to have such awesome siblings!
Ahh, a little cake swap like the wedding reception 35 years ago!
My wonderful family...
After the party, just hanging out, tuckered out from all the work!

Just for fun

So today I was changing the sheets and Emery was kickin' it in her wild woman jungle toy, a little fussy, so I decided to spice things up for her and throw a sheet over her jungle- and wha-la!! We had an instant fort and no more fussing!
We were out at Bubba's work the other day, and I had to snap a shot of my little doll in her flower and dress, accompanied by the dirt and tractors, together a beautiful combination! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bubba's 30th Birthday Bash!

Everyone did a great job keeping the surprise a hush- so Bubba didn't have a clue when he arrived! We had a great time celebrating him with lots of fun people!

Bubba and his mom- the "hostess with the mostest"

Bubba & Buddy, brothers & best buds

Lots of fun friends, family, co-workers, and munckins!

I love you honey! Happy 30th!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just another day ...

Here's some everyday pics, Emery playing with her darling little girlie toys, thanks to Kelly Arreola... they are pink and right up her alley!
And here we are, hanging out in our crazy toy in the kitchen while mom makes some munchies for dinner...
And last but not least a pic of Em & Bubs napping in the backyard... too fun!

Baby Griffin Arrives!

That's right folks, just around 1 a.m. Baby Griffin Braun Haddon arrived here in Bako at a whopping 6.9 pounds and 20 inches. After one long labor we were all glad to see his sweet little face! Welcome to the world big guy!
Emery is just checking him out, wondering what she's doing awake at 3 a.m. and why this little guy sounds more like a baby lamb... ahh, isn't he cute?