Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Griffin Arrives!

That's right folks, just around 1 a.m. Baby Griffin Braun Haddon arrived here in Bako at a whopping 6.9 pounds and 20 inches. After one long labor we were all glad to see his sweet little face! Welcome to the world big guy!
Emery is just checking him out, wondering what she's doing awake at 3 a.m. and why this little guy sounds more like a baby lamb... ahh, isn't he cute?

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Lisa said...

hi ann! you're such the blogger. i found this when i was reading danika's blog. i'm kinda jealous, i tried to start one but didn't get that far, and i felt like everyone would get tired of hearing about me and scott and scott and me and how much we love being married. um, anyhow, i hadn't talked to you or your sis or your ma for a while so i just wanted to say hi. we'll have to chat soon. hope all is well - we miss you guys!