Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter... a little late!

So for Easter we headed up to the Bay Area to spend some time with my family. Emery and I went up earlier in the week and Bubba took the train to catch up with the gang for the weekend. Here are some shots from our trip...

Emery and her Easter Breakfast... and her Crazy Egg Hair!
Emery and my nephew Owen had so much fun this trip- he was so good to her and so patient- even went on a stroll with her down the drive way- "Emmie style". How cute are those little buns!
Love this picture- do you think she's got some sass in her or what!?!
Emery and Bubs with her 1st Easter basket- she loved the chalk!
Sweet face, big cheeks... gonna miss those when they're gone :)
We also had a lot of fun at the Lang Winery's Annual Easter Bash. They had a HUGE Easter Egg hunt and lots of activities for the wee-ones and a yummy BBQ for all to enjoy!

 Haddon Family Easter 2009
Men in the family: Brother-in-Law, Hubby, Brother, Dad
Owen with the Easter Bunny- breaking for a shot in the middle of the hunt!
Emmie just enjoying herself- she didn't give a hoot about the hunt!
Grammie and Emery on the Winery tour... 
Another family shot, Em still not looking at the camera!
My sister's family watching the crazy angry goats- good thing there was a pen!
My brother and his sweet wife Lisa- they went home with 3,824 jelly beans- that's right folks- he did some mathematical formula to figure out how many beans were in the jar and he was only a few off!! Ha! Too bad he got all the brains- and ALL the jelly beans!!
My sweet brother and Em, learning how to walk with her tutu and ballet socks on- perfect gear for a stroll!
And last but not least- this is my mother in a nutshell! If she wants to "remind" me of anything- she's always saying "don't forget your lipstick" and "how about some earrings". So... was I surprised to see her trying lipstick on my daughter in the back seat? No, not the least. 
Finished Product:
I think she liked it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sneaky Girl...

So, I want to post some Easter pictures on my blog, but first I had to post a great pic from today. We arrived home late last night from my parents house and everything was still out on the floor where we dropped in once we walked in. While I was working in the kitchen this morning, I left Em in the other room. I walked around the corner to find this:

She had found the box of See's Candy my parents had given us and lets just say the one tooth she has must be a sweet one! She was loving the chocolate covered carmel square she had sunk her gums into! It was all over her hands, her face, her shirt, and MY carpet!!!! It sure made me laugh!