Thursday, July 15, 2010

Annual Family Vacation

So this year we got to enjoy our annual family vacation in my parents new cabin at Bass Lake. It was so much fun- a good mixture of relaxation and action! And of course, a tradition of my family's- a competition... in the years past, we have done a cookie competition, but this year we switched it up to a Homemade Ice Cream Contest and my hats off to Lisa who finally took home 1st place- way to come from behind girl--- I envy you!!! (Lisa and I have lost the cookie contest 3 years in a row so this was a big victory for her!)

The Zaballos Fam
Lots of laying around and soaking in the sun
... and playing in the sand or dirt, one of Emery's favorite past times!
And of course lots and lots of boating, thanks to my honey!
Emery even went tubing, but she would only go if she could ride with "Auntie Simie" (my sister!)
Feeding the ducks and geese
And a bike ride or two- Emery held Jude's hand the whole time and gave him kisses every few minutes, she's in love with him- isn't he just the cutest!
And My Honey, still eating Ice Cream even when the contest was over!
...another great vacation!