Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Time is Officially Here..

Little Miss Emmie in her new bikini, we love to lounge by the pool- literally, she loves to climb up in the lounge chair and sit all by herself- no room for me! 
Isn't she the cutest???
Sweet little Emmie wishing the pool gate wasn't there, she tries to stick her legs through in hopes to get into the pool!
2 of the 3 Nemetz boys (Milo and Calvin) teaching Emery how to throw dirt clods, cool huh? he he!
More summer time pics on there way soon....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And a little something more...

A few snip-its from what's been going on around these parts lately....

Our newest GIRL buddy came to hang out, Miss June- which is big news because most of our buddies are little boys, not a bad thing, but every once in awhile, we need a little pink! Emmie loved her and kept kissing her head :)
Like all little ones, Em found the toilet paper and unrolled it... then ate some of it- cool.
Then proceeded to dump out all my fabric scraps, a very fun and frequent game at our house :)
On our way home from SLO this weekend we stopped to stretch our legs- I don't have many pics of me and my girl, but this one I liked- great backdrop huh? Bakersfield actually looks pretty from that far away!
And a little family shot, of course not everyone can be looking at the same time, that's illegal....
Why do babies get so weirded out by grass??? Everytime she's on it, she acts like it's her first time! Love that disgusted face...
And this is just cute- she'll love me later for it....
Why do people keep telling me they look alike? Do you really see any resemblance? HA! HA!
And a sneaky face, who can resist???
"Ah mom, you shouldn't have...."
That'll do for now.... over and out.

Sweet Husband...

So, Bubs and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary and my sweet husband was so thoughtful- he took me out to lunch, a movie, and then made me dinner. Here's a snip-it of our celebration.... just so I can say I posted something other than pics of my kid :)

For starters, here's my Not-so-Hot cookie I made him, is was supposed to be a 5 for 5 years.... he thought is was an "s"... kinda random...maybe for shnookums :)
This is what I came home to- how cute he even found the china and bought candles at Hallmark!
Here he is cooking up a scrumptious meal- I mean SCRUMPTIOUS!!! The recipe will be on my recipe blog shortly because it's now in my top 5 favs!
A sneak peak.. Thai Chicken Wraps with Spicy Peanut Sauce, thanks Rachel Ray!
And an overexposed, bad lighting snap shot of us... five years into marital bliss :)
Happy Anniversary Honeyman, I love you!