Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Such....

It's funny how time flies... here's a picture when Emery was just 2 weeks old- Easter of 2008
And here was a picture from this years Easter celebration- 2010!
Well, we have had some fun times in the past few weeks even though I've dropped the ball in posting about them... here are a few pics to capture the moments!
We got to celebrate Easter this year with our cute little Nephew, Griffin
Such excitement with every egg that she found!!!
They had so much fun the first time, we hid the eggs again and let them do it again!
Loved the look on her face!
We also had a "Pre-Easter Egg Hunt" at the park the week before, it was a big hit with lots of little munchkins everywhere!
We've also been planting flowers and Em's been filling my bird bath with mud, so now it's technically a "mud bath spa" for the birds :)
And Emery can't resist a chance to mow the lawn with Daddy!