Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Passing it to the Next Generation

This one's for you mom, how cute is this??? It made my heart smile!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Festivities...

So, here are some highlights from these past few months, there were so many to choose from, I included a ton! But we had really fun pre-Christmas, Christmas, and Post Christmas celebrations- it was great to spend time with good friends and family!

A fun rooftop holiday party with our good buddies, Annah & Nick (who welcomed their 1st baby on Dec. 23rd, Baby Will) which was so much fun!
Bubba and Emery spent the day on Saturday out at the nursery (where Bubba works) while I stayed home to bake! She had a ball and napped GREAT when she came home! I loved this picture of her out in the grape fields.
Then we all went and delivered cookies to our neighbors in our red wagon, a fun little family tradition of ours!
We had a quick pre-Christmas gift exchange with Griffin since the kids wouldn't see each other for a few weeks, they got shaker cars and played with them up and down the hallway!
Then Emery and I headed north to make it to my extended families Christmas Party that we haven't made it to in a few years. She had a blast making gumdrop trees with the big kids even though she could barely see over the table!
We had a great dinner, Santa came for a visit, then we sang some Christmas Carols and enjoyed some delicious desserts! My parents were great hosts, it was a big shin-dig and they did a great job planning the whole thing!
All the cousins (of which Emery and Jude are the youngest) had a great time playing together.
Loved this picture of my sister and her sweet son Jude, aren't they just the cutest? Too pooped to party!
Once everyone got into town, the heat was on- it was time for the gingerbread house competition. Each couple had their own house and had to assemble it with the tools provided. There was an unfair advantage because of the construction skills held by some family members, and you guessed it- my brother the contractor and his wife won- not a surprise!

(These two goof balls had a blast the whole time!)
We also have a tradition of riding the "Train of Lights" on the Christmas Years that we are up north. We pack up a sack dinner, bundle up, and ride the train through the Sunol valley. It's a beautiful ride, Santa walks through the train cars and hands out candy canes, and the caboose sells warm hot coco..... it's really fun!
Christmas Eve....
My family.... not the best picture due to the self timer, but does have great memories!
Christmas morning, Emery opening her OWN truck, now she doesn't have to borrow one from all her BOY cousins!
Bubba got himself a real fine video camera.... and he got me the best present ever, sweet husband- a NEW BIKE!!!
And once we were back home, we celebrated Christmas again with Bubba's side of the family, more fun!
And a New Year's trip to Bass Lake, an unexpected surprise from my parents! We headed up there for a few days, played in the snow for a day, banged pots and pans and then headed home again!

Emmie loves this sweet baby, she wished she could carry him around or push him in her new baby stroller, unfortunately, he almost weighs as much as her, so for now, she'll just have to settle for giving him his pacifier!
We had a great Christmas and are reminded again by life's twists and turns how thankful we are for our families and friends- the time we get to spend with them and the memories we get to make because we know this life is but a glimpse and can be gone in just a moment. We also lost two dear people this season, it is sad to see them go, but we are hopeful to see what God will bring through it all.