Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little of This'n'That

I am feeling behind in my posts, and so here go a bigillion pictures all at once to summarize our last few weeks, months, adventures, and milestones!

We celebrated Easter at my parents house in Bass Lake, it was great to be there with family, enjoy the little ones having a blast with their Easter Egg Hunt, watching the adults go head to head in the adult Easter Egg hunt (my mom hides cash, so it's a little cut-throat!), we died Easter Eggs, spent some time praying for my sister (UPDATE & PRAISE: she had some swollen lympnodes in her neck all which came back benign- AND we PRAISE JESUS for those results and his MERCY!!) It was a great weekend for so many reasons!

At home we are just lovin' on these babies (and monkey- as always!!)
Do you think this baby is too big for the sink or what?? Can you say... "Lazy Mama that doesn't want to lean over the tub??" ha ha ha!

So BIG, starting to sit up all by himself!
And this one, we've had 2 major milestones this week: 1. Braids 2. Pink sparkle toe nail polish!
Sweet boy, you melt my heart even though you give me a run for my money some days!