Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She found the BOOTY!

Pirates Booty that is! I had left this out and Miss Em was all over it like a hot potato! She was sneaky and fast and had both hands in before I knew it! Good thing I found her when I did, otherwise she probably would have eaten the whole bag!

Love this little face....
We had a real mess on our hands at dinner time- I fixed a big pot of chili and Emery loved it, so much so that she wanted to wear it all OVER her face!
Papa Mike came over on Sunday to help Bubba with a project and Emery wanted to join in- she was totally into the drill and wanted to sit in the tool box!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My sister...

Ever wish you could stand on top of a mountain and shout to the world something great??? I do. And today, if I could, I would shout from atop a mountain and tell everyone about my amazing sister. I would tell everyone how her faith has radically changed my life- simply by watching her live her faith out in a tangible way. I would shout about her unfailing trust in God and how she lives so openly that others might know how faithful the Lord is to those who love Him and seek Him with everything they have. I would shout about how much I admire her for choosing to walk through her many trials that hurt, deeper than a lot of us will ever experience, and yet she CHOOSES to thank God for what she does have and she CHOOSES to still love Him even though this is not the life she would have chosen for herself, but she knows He has CHOSEN her for it. She is strong, courageous, loving, patient, brave, and wise beyond her years. She has let go of the things she wants and accepts the things she has. She lost her baby this past week, the baby they had been trying to conceive for 3 1/2 years. And yet she has found God's purpose in it again and has accepted graciously what is before her. She is not bitter or angry, and of course she has grieved, but because her eyes are set on something other than herself and her own wants, she has yet again, walked through another valley with nothing but grace abounding from her. That's what I want to shout from my mountain top today.... but because there aren't a lot of mountains in Bakersfield, this blog will have to suffice. If you want to be encouraged and have your heart warmed in ways in which you forgot it could be, check out her journey. You will walk away encouraged.

To my sister and my best friend, I love you. I am proud of you. I pray God's mercy upon you. 

And to those who read this, join us in praying for her as her family continues to walk through the adoption process. They have been selected by a birth mom after 3 long years, and now we pray for the best home for this unborn baby (of course I think the best home is hers!).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Emery's 1st Birthday!

This past Saturday was Emery's 1st Birthday! I can't believe she turned one- too much fun! My parents, sister's family, and all of Bubba's side, plus a few friends came over to celebrate. My mom, sister, and I had a blast making the cupcakes, thanks to Katy's cupcake book "Hello, cupcake!"

(Directions on how I made these cupcakes are now on my recipe blog- happy cupcake making!)
At first Emery (and her fruffy crown which I can't believe she wore) were a little undecided about the cupcake, but after a short while, she had her mind made up and the results were all over her face!

I love these girls- all 3 of them! They help keep Emery feeling loved and girlie with smooches,snuggles, pink tutu's and ruffley swimsuits! Thanks you guys!
This birthday girl was pooped! All partied out with Grammie Jack...

A snapshot of my family, with the best news ever- MY SISTER IS PREGNANT! Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy! Isn't that cool? That means another little peanut to celebrate next year, Nov. 5th to be exact! Check out her blog to read more about her cool journey.
The 3 of us... ahh, we just love our little mouse!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ava and the Park

Our little friend Ava got to spend all day with us on Friday and we had lots of fun-we danced with Barney, had some snacks, walked to the park and did lots of playing!
Emers playing/eating the sand!
How cute is Ava? She was concentrating so hard on this tractor!
How sweet is that face... and those curls! Ohh the curls!
We are so glad she was able to come hang with us, we had too much fun!