Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swingin' along...

So, Emmie Lou and I have been a little under the weather this week with some ugly colds, but we thought a little sunshine would help, so we went to Emery's newest hang out spot.... the park down the street. This swing pretty much belongs to her, we're going to paint her name on it :) As you can tell from this shot, she wasn't feeling her best... "oh bother".

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top 9 of '09

OK, am I crazy that I am posting my favorite pics from '09 and we are only 11 days into the new year?? Oh well! I found some really cute pictures as I downloaded my camera tonight and my mom & sister have been on my case for me to send them some new ones of Emery, so these are for you!

1. This picture takes the cake for me, how cute is that little face?? and the feathers, she has feathers on top, not hair! 

3. Here's Emery taking a bite out of her cousins side, poor little guys not mobile yet so he didn't stand a chance!
4. Where's Waldo? I was kinda embarrassed to post this picture due to the state of my messy kitchen, but I couldn't resist the little pee-pod in the sink amongst the breakfast dishes and rig-a-moroll all around!
5. A snap of Em sharing her pacifier with Mr. Pig.... this is a good sign, right?
6. Emery recently learned to play peek-a-boo and it's been pretty fun to see her in the beginning when she would get a little confused and cover her ears or her hair, but now she's got it down pat!
7. Love this, love to see her Daddy lovin' on her.... which happens whenever he is home!
8. Emery vs. the Avocado. The avocado won... by a landslide.
9. Here's a great snap shot of Emmie and Kade, one of the cutest little guys I know. My sweet friend/roommate from college (Kara Ryska) came through town with her big guy, Dan, and her little guy, Kaden. We had fun hanging out and playing with the kiddos in their footie jammies... don't we all wish we had some of those!
That'll do it... at least for now, who knows, in another 11 days I could have 9 more favorites!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sour Raspberries

So, I am lame and can't figure out how to post a video, I am getting all these errors... per my mom's request, I downloaded a funny video of my munchkin- so if your board and you want to click on this link, you can see a short clip of Emery puckerin' up with some raspberries... stay tuned: