Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top 9 of '09

OK, am I crazy that I am posting my favorite pics from '09 and we are only 11 days into the new year?? Oh well! I found some really cute pictures as I downloaded my camera tonight and my mom & sister have been on my case for me to send them some new ones of Emery, so these are for you!

1. This picture takes the cake for me, how cute is that little face?? and the feathers, she has feathers on top, not hair! 

3. Here's Emery taking a bite out of her cousins side, poor little guys not mobile yet so he didn't stand a chance!
4. Where's Waldo? I was kinda embarrassed to post this picture due to the state of my messy kitchen, but I couldn't resist the little pee-pod in the sink amongst the breakfast dishes and rig-a-moroll all around!
5. A snap of Em sharing her pacifier with Mr. Pig.... this is a good sign, right?
6. Emery recently learned to play peek-a-boo and it's been pretty fun to see her in the beginning when she would get a little confused and cover her ears or her hair, but now she's got it down pat!
7. Love this, love to see her Daddy lovin' on her.... which happens whenever he is home!
8. Emery vs. the Avocado. The avocado won... by a landslide.
9. Here's a great snap shot of Emmie and Kade, one of the cutest little guys I know. My sweet friend/roommate from college (Kara Ryska) came through town with her big guy, Dan, and her little guy, Kaden. We had fun hanging out and playing with the kiddos in their footie jammies... don't we all wish we had some of those!
That'll do it... at least for now, who knows, in another 11 days I could have 9 more favorites!


Janelle said...

Love'em all!

Holly said...

Awesome pictures! I loved the Where's Waldo shot. By the way... you do NOT have a messy kitchen. It's pristine. My goodness, your little baby is growing. She'll be running everywhere by the time I see her this summer!

Lisa said...

thanks ann...we sure do have some fun times, i mean take this weekend, we took a day trip to santa maria - oh yeah -, nearly totaled my car (thankfully scott was driving and is good at swerving), and then the next day tanned at the beach for a couple hours after a cruise on the bob jones trail. oh the memories.

i LOVE the idea of a haddon visit to SLO. seriously, can we put you guys on the calendar, let's figure this out!

em is so cute, we are so pumped to see you guys soon...i'm with holly, the kitchen pic is my fav, too stinkin cute. xoxo

Eliza said...

Seriously! Totally cute. And I so agree that your kitchen isn't messy, but I'd probably be like you and wishing that everything was put away in that picture.

Had a great time seeing you too!

The Ryska Family said...

Wow, the privilege of making the top 9 in '09. Those are great shots! You call that a mess? You should have seen our place after the dish washer was broken for a few days. It's like we forgot about the option of washing by hand : )

Milo Ross Nemetz said...

Nice work with the new camera.
That Emery sure is a cutie. I hope you guys feel better today.