Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today she's 2...

My favorite cuddle bug and birthday girl...
I can't believe it, my little girl is already two! What a fun adventure, what a HUGE growing opportunity for my husband and I as we explore parenthood, what an ENORMOUS amount of love I have for such a little peanut- I love her to pieces! Happy Birthday Emmie, we are so thankful to God that we have you, you bless our hearts daily!!! I look forward to everyday with you :) ~ Love, Mommy

Candles in her French Toast... a little unsure of them!
A special birthday dinner with the Haddon family... and Elmo :)
She was all smiles all day- she felt loved, especially from Daddy!
Lots of love from Grammie and Papa or "Mike" as she calls him!
And her partner in crime was there, egging her on all night like normal :)
Cousin Griff, Auntie G and Buddy-
Excitement was not lacking, this was her response to everything she saw! How easy to impress a 2 year old!!!!
See, I wasn't exaggerating, it was a card with an elephant on it...
Or a view of a card board box, it didn't matter, it brought her lots and lots of excitement!!