Monday, October 24, 2011

My boy....

I looked at my blog today for the first time in a long time--- 4th of July? seriously??? That was my last post... well, I am too far behind to catch up, so I just have to do a quick update... and tell you... I love having a boy. How can it be so crazy different to love, raise, nurture, cuddle, shepherd, and care for a boy?? I don't know- but it is. Both are so fun, both are so different, both are such a unique blessing to me. So, here's a few things I am learning about boys....

1. They look up to and love their big sisters to the millionth degree.
(He is enthralled with her!)

2. They are rough and tumble, that's for sure... he has to bang on everything!

3. They are fast, AND sneaky, and NOT good at hiding it. :)

4. They are BIG AND MESSY eaters... nothing dainty here!

5. They have a smile that could melt your heart and a twinkle in their eye that makes you nervous all at the same time!

6. They climb on EVERYTHING, bite the dust, and do it all over again!

7. They melt your heart like no one else can. 
Oh how I love my boy!!!

And just for a side note... this little lady- she is wonderful, one of a kind, as sweet as pie and the best big sister and helper a mama could ask for. I absolutely love spending my days with her. 
Couldn't get better than this!