Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tehachapi Apple Ranch

So my little accountability group headed off to Tehachapi for a little adventure, we went a pickin'... apples that is. We had a blast- had some great talk, yummy muffins and warm coffee, and of course we scored some delicious, fresh-off-the tree apples! Man, these two girls, Annah & Allison,  bless my socks off! I really enjoy their honesty and how they share their lives with me... and- the fact that they love my little girl. They are sweet to my heart!

P.S. I found this picture and it made me laugh, it's just a picture of one of my mom's wild ideas from the last time I saw her. She thought it would be fun to teach Em how to ride a bike, even though she can't even crawl- you know Grammie's- they are full of wild ideas! Thanks for making me laugh mom! :)


Alisa Marie said...

when we went to tehachapi there wasn't much to pick. so sad. But we always go to Dries Farms i think... and pick raspberries. There were awesome! you guys look like you had SOO much fun!

Eliza said...

Cute pictures! You girls are all so sweet! Even though I never get to see you, Annah or Allison much, each time I do, it's always fun and uplifting!

Anonymous said...

love the pic of emery on the bike thing. love it.