Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visiting Fun Friends

We have gotten to visit with a lot of fun friends from our college days as we travel north and south. This was one of my roommates and great friend from college, Kara Ryska and her little boy Kaden. It was fun visiting with them both!
Emery and I headed up to Visalia to visit one of my most favorite people, Kelly Arreola, we went to lunch and strolled the downtown strip. She is so sweet and dear to my heart, love that girl!

We also headed down to San Diego for my brother's wedding and got to meet up with some more fun friends along the way. Here's a pic of our great bud, Josh Arbenz- gotta love 'em. And my adorable friend from Cal Poly, Monica Hite. They give San Diego it's sparkle! 

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