Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Garage Sale-ing it UP!

For those of you who know this secret hobby of mine, you will not be surprised to know what excitement and thrill this garage sale brought me- it was out most rockin' one yet! Granted, our neighbors are probably sick of all of our garage sailing, so we will try to tone it down a notch for awhile. But honestly, this sale was a HUGE success!! We had a blast collecting garbage, I mean valuable treasures, to be resold from 5 different families, we posted signs everywhere, made some cash and had a TON of laughs! A special shout out to my garage sailing buddies who never let me down- Janelle Herndon, Kim Lopez, and Nicole Gutierrez (she is always here the night before the big sale shopping the pre-sale!) Anyhow, this was a blast, and I am for hire if you ever want me to come clean out your house and throw you a garage sailing BASH

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Nicole said...

Hey you bloggin' queen! You're pictures and comments are too cute! (Thanks for the shout out on the yard sale -ha!)