Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trip up North

Bubba had to do some work in Sacramento this past week, so me and Emmie hitched a ride and hung out with my family. We had a great time and enjoyed the much cooler weather in the Bay Area. We spent lots of time outside, playing in the dirt, riding tractors, bikes and visiting extended family. 

Uncle Bubba and Owen checking out "Mater's" motor :)
Two of my favorite little people
Grammie showing "Em & O" how to play the piano- oh what "music" there was!
My sweet girl....
My cousin Katie, her daughter Brooke, Me and Emery, and Danika & Owen
My dad looking on as we all pile on his tractor and take it for a spin :)
Family tractor time....
There was work to be done moving trees... 
This trip was really fun because Emery and Owen played a lot together, they are getting to the age where they really enjoy each other and get along/interact well. Owen is so awesome with her and will be a great big brother to his new brother arriving in Sept. Danika and Noah have been chosen to be adoptive parents to a sweet baby boy due this fall. They have chosen the name Finn for him and we are all prayerfully awaiting his arrival, not only into this world, but into our family as well! Can't wait to meet you, my 3rd nephew Finn!


Eliza said...

Looks like a fun, relaxing time!

Sweet Little Treats said...

i'm so proud of the work you've accomplished on your blog. like the new links to your craft blog which i think you should have done a long time ago. i feel like you could have been making many zebras by now. you're getting all techy and stuff.