Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cry Babies....

I was watching my nephew the other night and it was time for bed, so I attempted to put both kids down and let's just say it never worked- they were so bummed on me for breaking up the party- so we pulled a late night hang out sesh until 10! Seriously, I feel for all my friends with twins- how do you do it??? I put one down, they would cry and wake the other one up- one wouldn't want to leave the other and would cry out and reach for them.... on and on it went! EXHAUSTING I tell ya! This picture really captures the tear stained faces and "happy attitudes" about the whole evening!
And we finally put together Emery's "Crazy Coop" she got from Bubba's parents for her birthday (4 months ago!) She was so jazzed about it, she couldn't wait to get in it- so we let her ride in it- slammed, the way she likes it :) Don't worry, it eventually got upgraded and has all the essential parts to it.


Janelle said...

How fun! I'm sure that she'll get a lot of use out of it. M just loves the cars and trucks at church that look similar to Em's new one.

It was great walking this morning. I'll see you next week, looking forward to hopping into the pool afterwards!

Kate said...

Even with all the grumpiness and craziness they are look so sweet!