Thursday, June 25, 2009

Belated Father's Day...

This year we got to spend Father's Day in Santa Barbara with my side of the family for our family vacation- and it was a blast! We went to the zoo, farmer's market, a parade, the beach and hung by the pool. It was so fun, and as always, I loved spending time with my family- especially the dads!  One bummer, my pics from the week were lost when my camera card malfunctioned- so I am in the process of retrieving them (if possible)- so here's what I got so far.

Happy Father's Day Bubba!!!!
We spent the day at the beach and had a chance to tell the dad's in our lives how much we love them. I am constantly encouraged by my husbands efforts to bless me in my new role of motherhood. We have had our times of adjustment into our new parenting roles, especially with that changing our marriage- but I am so grateful that my husband is constantly working at our marriage, serving me, relieving me on long days, working hard to provide for our family, keeping us mindful of the Lord and His call on our life,  and always being mindful of the future. Here's to you my sweet Bubba-lou,
 I love you!
I also got to celebrate my dad in person this year- we had a great time having a big Sunday morning breakfast made by the ladies, then we took turns sharing what we appreciate about our dads. A really sweet time. My dad got some cute presents from the kiddos, a handmade mug from the little peanuts with their handprints on it! I was able to share with my dad how thankful I am to him for his selflessness and constant generosity to all who are around him. He has been such a great example to me of humility and serving others with a giving heart. Thanks Dad, love you.
There were many fun play times in this crazy shower- with 7 shower heads and no door!!!
My sweet girl playing on the beach in the hat my mom made her- so cute!
Emery on a train ride with Auntie at the SB Zoo
Two of the cutest rugrats I know... getting ready for their bike ride to the beach!

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Deb said...

I loved all the pictures on your blog!! hope you can retrieve some more!!!
We had a great time as well with ALL you kids!!
Love, Mom