Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's New???

We've had some crazy weeks- with showers and traveling, spontaneous trips and lots of visitors, here's some pics that capture it better than words... and are probably more enjoyable :)
My sister in law, Lisa, and I gave my sister a shower to introduce everyone to our sweet Baby Jude! It was such an awesome time, she shared in detail about their journey to adopting Jude, it was an awesome account to the graciousness of God- wish I would have video taped it- darn it!
Had to snap a picture of the centerpiece because it turned out so cute- click on the pic to make it bigger, it's his name and some birds in a tree :)
And we had a blast making the favors (and eating them- oops!) and more owls to go along with the bird theme- thanks for the stamps Sarah Jane!!!
And a picture of the best mama ever and her sweet little man, Mr. Jude Stokes- who in typical Jude fashion slept through the whole party!
And back home, me and Emmie practiced smiles when I say "cheese"- pretty good huh?
Then off to SLO for a convention for Bubba, and me and the little miss tagged along- we had a blast with my brother and his wife, they are wonderfully hospitable and just down right fun. We did our normal run to Coldstones and had lots of good laughs, thanks guys!
And then some pics of me and Em at a park down the street from my brother's house ....

And a quick trip to Availa Beach, so much to do on the Central Coast.. miss it already! We had a blast!

the end.


Danika said...

loved the update...still the cutest girl ever! can't wait to see you guys. love her hair bow too!

Katy said...

you're like so rockin' stylish in all those pics

Eliza said...

Sounds so fun! Emery is getting so big!

Barb said...

Love seeing pics of the fam...love and miss all of you!

Megan said...

Cutesy patootsie! Email me your address so I can send you a Christmas card my friend! XOXO

Lisa said...

come back to slo!!! we loved having you guys here, so much fun, i think i hear coldstone calling our names!