Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Late Halloween....

Here are some snipp-its of our Halloween this year, we had a blast!! Emery was a Bumblebee, I gave a go at making her costume which was fun since she's little and has no opinion! The first two pictures were taken by Curtis Nemetz- hence that's why they look so awesome, the rest of them are taken by little ol' me :)

Back up the train--- the day before Halloween we carved pumpkins with our cousin- Emery in her totally girlie fashion wouldn't touch it because it was too gushy- instead she hung with Uncle Buddy. So me and Griffin went after it.

Back to Halloween Day---BEE-utiful bee's!
Bubba was the Bee Keeper, I was the "Honey" (check out my ALL NATURAL Bee Hive, that was a dozey to take down!), and Emery and Griffin were bee's.
Bubba's parents stopped by to say hi!
All the little creatures... and the UPS guy :)
"why do we have these things on? and why are you taking our pictures so many times????"
Pizza Party with Jeff and the kiddos!
At the church carnival, Emery loved the baby cows, as you can see she was waving at them while they were trying to sleep!
Me and Em with our fun buddy Annah (and baby Will the pumpkin bump!)


Katy said...

i paid $.75 to check my email and see if there was a pic on the ship. thank goodness i got my fill on here!!! you guys are HILARIOUS and sooooo adorable.

Megan said...

Hi! I love the beehive and your coordinating outfits are awesome. Miss your sweet self!