Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our first crop!

Emery and I checked our garden yesterday and realized our first crop is here! We have 2 huge cucumbers, a huge bunch of basil (come get some if you want some) and our pumpkin and pepper plants are growing huge! How fun, can't wait to dig in!
Things are looking up!
"If I look sassy in this picture, it's because I am"


Jocelyn said...

Pesto recipe coming soon? I wish my yard was sunnier-I want a garden too!

Sweet Little Treats said...

did you know when i had my first cupcake sale i ran to scott in the garage and skipped outside and yelled "things are looking up!" and he was talking to a bunch of guys in the garage? cool.

excited about the garden. hopefully i'll get to have one too someday soon.

The Ryska Family said...

i like how emery is wearing an agricultural shirt out in the garden . . nice

Deb said...

Yes, Miss Em looks a little sassy!!! she couldn't get that from her mother could she?????? Again, I loved the pictures!!! I think I need an "Emmy Pie" Fix! Here I come!!!

Love, Mom

The McCarty's said...

Hey, the girls and I are coming through Bako on Wed. on our way to Tahoe. I'm going to stop and visit Kelly and Brady. How far away from them are you? I thought it would be fun to say hi.