Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Red, White, & Blue!

We had a great and relaxing Red, White, and Blue over here- a few friends to celebrate with and some TASTEY burgers to fill our tummies, if I don't say so myself!

My very own little Firecracker, Miss Emmie Lou
Love this girl in a bikini and piggies...
Cousin Griffin swimming with Papa Mike
A little show of our own before the big ones start!

The Picture Perfect Prays
Our Lovely Lewis Lovebirds

The Neighbors!!! (they just moved in a few streets over- yipee!)
The Party Poppin' Pearsey's (they supplied all the goods!)
The Had-it-Haddon's :) Emery feel asleep during the fireworks!
Snoozin' away with explosions bursting above her head!
Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!
(my sad attempt to take a picture of the show! HA!)


Alisa Marie said...

looks like you guys had a blast! AAhhh, we were around the corner from you at Tad's parents house!

Danika said...

love the pic of you and her, she is such a pretty girl, tantrums and all!

Sweet Little Treats said...

i really love the first pic of you and pumps. you both look really pretty. looks like the annual bash was a blast like always...bummed we missed it.

Janelle said...

Great picture of you and Emery! Love her outfit.

Brad and Lisa said...

She is so stinking cute! Babies and Bikinis...a great combo. :)

Kristin Nave said...

Hi Andrea! I just had so much fun at catching up on your blog! I just bookmarked it so I decided to get better at reading all these blogs. You look so great and happy with your precious beautiful girl!! Love ya! Kristin Nave

Deb said...

Loved all the pictures and up dates!!! The 4th looks like a fun time for All!!!!!
Em is just soooo stinkin cute, I can't imagine her being anything other then a "Sweetie Pie"!!!

Love, Mom