Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ONE and Thankful

I realize the timing of this post should probably be about Thanksgiving (since it's Thanksgiving Eve) but my littlest man turned one last week and I still haven't posted some pics from his big day.... and it just so happens to be that most of the things I am thankful for can be captured in these pictures. 

So to start, I am truly THANKFUL for my family. I am beyond GRATEFUL for the chance to stay home with my kids. I love (even on the hard days) that I get to be here for them, I get to love them, teach them, disciple them, correct them, and teach them. It's what I was created to do and I am honored to be called to the overwhelming task, and thankful for the opportunity to be able to. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Jedidiah Matthew, I can't believe you are 1!

You sure have some spunk Mr. Man!

His first cupcake, he loved the chocolate chunk cupcake, not a fan of the Maple Whip Cream... you are missing out my friend... missing out!

Sweet Big Sister Emery borrowed the neighbors hat to celebrate his "Dr. Seuss" themed bash!

 The best shot of us 4... I love that, I love that I have a family of 4. 
I am thankful for that- good picture or not!

Beyond THANKFUL that we have ALL of our family to celebrate with us, not just Jed's birthday, but they celebrate life with us and they love us along the way. I am truly thankful for that. I feel blessed that we have friends in our lives who want to love on our kids, celebrate them and cheer them on to what they will become!

What a blessing to have so many people who WANT to share in the fun of loving my kids! They are always willing to travel and make time to invest in our lives! More to be thankful for!

 (my parents)

(Bubba's mom... we missed a picture of Papa Mike!)

I am thankful that I get the opportunity to get my craftiness out before I explode! HA!

And I am thankful for moments like these...

and faces like this...

Sweet boy, you melt my heart and always will.
Thank you Lord for my many blessings.


Deb said...

Finally, our computer is working!!!
Loved your up-dated blog! The pictures of Jed's birthday party are darling!!! That was such fun party and everything was so cute! Cat and the Hat everywhere! Loved it!


The Zaballos Family said...

you got any new pics for an auntie and a wy guy?!?

The Zaballos Family said...

oh and a reese...sometimes i forget i have a second child...don't tell!