Friday, May 14, 2010


Self confessed weaknesses:
1. Target, there's always something new & spectacular- like this suit
2. Little girls bathing suits (Emery has 5 for this summer!!!)
3. A-line bobs on little girls (we're almost there, thanks to my sister's talent!)

I love this little chickie, she is such a delight, just want to smooch her all day long! I LOVE MY JOB OF BEING HER MOM! Thanks for a great mother's day :)

(Had to get a shot of the almost-there A-line bob- if it weren't for the squirrely curls I think we'd be there!!! But they're cute too!!)
... I know I haven't posted anything on my blogs lately, more news and updates to come.... soon.


Lisa said...

i am obsessed with these pictures!!! and her suit, can you find me on in prego size??? maybe its a good thing em's the only girl, i mean, she's pretty cute, and that makes for some serious cuteness to live up to. miss you guys, come play again soon!

Samantha said...

Man she is the cutest thing i have ever seen. Loving the suits!! Hope you are feeling better! Miss you, love you- Sam