Monday, October 5, 2009

1st Fort & The Kern County Fair

So, we were feeling a little restless two weeks ago and tired of the heat, so we decided to make a fort in the family room, and Emery was pretty jazzed about it. We kept it up for two days and she loved it!
Of course, she spent some time reading a few stories to her animal friends!
And then that night we got to take Emery to the Kern County Fair! She was a little leery of the sheep, but she loved to look as long as we held on to her!
Same with the pigs, those boys are BIG, much bigger than the ones in her books!
She liked the baby chicks, more her size, and they were fun to watch as they hatched!
And she played her first carnival game, it was intense, she picked a duck from the pond and depending on the letter underneath, she won a certain prize--- guess the prize... another rubber duck! But she like it, so that's what counts!
And of course, what night at the fair would be complete without her first roller coaster ride??? She chose the Kangaroo's (or really, they chose her because it was one of the only ones for little peanuts to ride on). She was amused, not in love, but definitely amused.

And by the time we made it to the buildings, she was too pooped to party. What a fun family night, we're already looking forward to next year!!!

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