Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Husband!
Thanks so much for your wisdom, support, gentleness, and love towards Emery and I. I love being married to you, I love raising Emmie with you, I love navigating this life with you. Thank you for leading us, praying for us, and being our rock. You're the best honey ever!
So today was my hubby's birthday, and we got to spend the day together, he called in sick- because he is actually sick- the first sick day he's used in 5 years for himself!!!  CRAZY HUH? Anyhow, I got to make him some special birthday meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner (stick a fork in ME I am done!!!) and we gave him some fun little presents and lots of birthday wishes!

This is what I found Emery doing this morning, opening daddy's birthday gift... 
sneaky, sneaky girl.
Here's the look I got when I caught her and told her "no, that's for daddy".
Bubba's birthday breakfast... yum, yum!
My sleep/sick hubby smiling from the camera at 7 a.m.
Bubba & Emery opening Bubba's presents!
Happy 31st Birthday Bubs!
Me and Em left the house for awhile so Bubs could get some much needed rest, so we went to - TARGET, where else do you go when you need to get out the house? And Emery got to pick out a treat because I've had a gift card that was for her for awhile. Here's what she picked, no kidding, she's in love.... and it's just as girlie as you can get!

It is this sparkly silver and pink purse, 2 lipsticks, makeup compact & powder poof, pink cellphone, a set of car keys with a clicker, and 2 CREDIT CARDS!!!! OH my gosh! I can't believe I bought this, and you know what, she's played with it all afternoon!

Look at this happy girlie girl!


Katy said...

oh my holiness. look at that girly girl. i love it.

Katy said...

oh whoops, i got so sidetracked with the last pic there that i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!!!!!!!!

Katy said...

Andrea. This is Scott. Katy just showed me the picture of Emery and she's a doll. You got to be!!!!!!!

Danika said...

Oh, she melts my heart! How I will live through her to fill my lack of girls in my home!!! She is just adorable and cute and girlie and pink and piggies and I just love my littel Lou Lou!!!

Eliza said...

Seriously cute pictures! She's getting to be such a toddler now!

Happy birthday Bubba!

Heather said...

Hey Annie. I can only look at your blog at work bc my slow computer wont bring up your blog so its so much fun to see when I get a chance. Happy B-day to Bubba and hello to you. Emery is so beautiful! Hope to talk to you soon

ej said...

Happy belated birthday Bubs...
Nothing but love for ya!

Janelle said...

Happy belated birthday Bubba! I hope that you're feeing better.

Brad and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Bubba, your family is too sweet!