Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crazy Fun Up North...

So, January is birthday month for my side of the family- my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and favoritiest nephew are all January babies! So we have a lot of celebrating to do!! We kicked off the trip with a surprise visit at 10pm to my sister's house the night before her birthday. We tied some balloons to Emery and rang the doorbell! "Surprise Aunite Danika, here I am!"
Here's my little stink-pot, not cooperating while I put her pants on... did you notice both of her legs are in one side of her pants... how come my legs don't do that? :)
The day wouldn't be complete without an "apple & cheerio" picnic in the dining room would it? These two twirps warm my heart, thanks Lord for them both!
Don't ever get big Em, never ever.
And before you know it, it was Owen's turn to turn 4! He had a "Handy Manny" birhtday theme (Handy Manny is a fix it man, if you weren't familiar with the likes of him... he has a lot of tools, the latest being "Flilcker the Flashlight" featured here with this birthday cake my sister, her friend, and myself made. ) Turned out cute huh?
And, Owen's very own "Pin the tool in the tool box" party game... my sister's one creative gal huh?
Some party attenders, my "little brother" Scott and my fabulous mom, we call her Debs.
A quick pic of the girls, me, my sister Danika, and my sister-in-law Lisa.
The birthday boy and his mom!
Sneaking some yummy blue frosting from what's left of Flicker... no one's watching but Grammie, but she doesn't really count does she?Bubba and Em hanging out during present time!
Bubba, Lisa, and little Em getting some rays... sure was beautiful weather for January!
Love this age, doesn't get any better....
Uncle Scoot chasing our "Army Crawler" down the hall way....
Auntie Danika taking Emmie on a free ride... have you ever riden a plasma??? they are surprisingly fun!
More smiles at the park with cousin Owen swinging right by her side!
Sweet Auntie Lisa gave these two a fabulous ride in this stellar Radio Flyer wagon :)
Auntie Lis and Em, just hangin'.
Goof balls. That's all there is to it. All you need is mom's scarf and your imagination!


Deb said...

Darling Pictures!!


Deb said...

O.K. I just looked at these again, can't get enough of my favorite babies!!!!! Send some more!!!

Love you all........


Jocelyn said...

Thanks for your love and prayers lady! I like keeping in touch via blogs!

Danika said...

Love the pics, send me some of Owen's party, I don't have any! Love the scarf picture, she is so stinkin' cute!

Scott & Lisa said...

oh man, so many great pics. did you notice how nervous i look with emmie in the basket?!? that's some precious cargo, didn't want another yosemite incident occurring there. hope you guys had a great valentines...thanks for your sweet message, if we could fit into a jar, we gladly post up on your window sill. miss you guys, see you soon hopefully!

Scott and Lisa said...
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Sumner family said...

Annie, what cute pictures! I especially love the first one...what a fun surprise!